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Do you know what you should know about senior portraiture?

Senior Portraiture
Senior Portraiture
Nothing is quite as important in a young persons life as their Senior Year, it is a culmination of their life and education, as well as a time of coming of age. It is essential to capture this very important milestone in a manor that lets their unique style show through. Senior portraits are very important, not just as family memories, but also as a professional way for a young person to introduce themselves to prospective employers or to college admissions personnel. In many cases their first chance to make a lasting impression will be with the image they send to college admissions or with the one attached to their social network. That is why they need to have a professional that can help them create an image that makes a unique, positive impact. 

A good senior portrait is not something you can pick up just anywhere, it is a valuable art piece that will be cherished for generations to come. The difference between a professional senior portrait and a snapshot taken by a friend is vast. While your friend's candid photo captures a moment and fond memories, professionals utilize the best lighting, camera angles, backgrounds, posing, and editing techniques to capture the masterpiece that is you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a photographer. Find someone who takes the time to find out who the subject is as an individual, these pictures are a representation of the subject, not of the photographer. The photographer should take some time to understand you and your style. It can also be a good idea to find a photographer that has experience shooting a wide array of subjects. While it may seem logical to choose a photographer that only does senior photos you may find that their photographic style is inflexible and it leaves their photos looking like they came out of a cookie cutter. 

Budget is important to consider also, here are some things to ask when discussing price. It is still common to run into photographers who charge a sitting fee, usually at an hourly rate. This can make a photographer seem quite inexpensive when in fact they then have post production fees and photo package fees that can quickly turn a two hour shoot into a $600.00 affair to get a medium sized package of prints with no rights to reproduce those images. When comparing photographers you want to be sure you are comparing the total costs between photographers.

You should also ask about what types of usage rights you will have. You will want to be able to email them to family serving over seas or include them as part of your social media. For this reason it is essential to be sure that you are discussing the total cost for the images along with having a good understanding of what future rights you will have for the use of the images. The world is quickly changing, technology is advancing at leaps and bounds, in a few short years we are going to be presented with a multitude of ways to use images that we have not yet imagined. Be careful not to get stuck with a photographer who’s view of the world is firmly lodged in the mid twentieth century

There are many senior portrait studios around, it is important to choose one that not only makes a portrait, but also creates a lasting impression. One that your family can cherish and use for a lifetime.

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