Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sponsoring a Successful Pet Photo Shoot

Pet Photography
Pet Photography

Pets are an important part of the family. As such, it is important to get quality images of these treasured family members. Here are a few pointers to consider if you are planning on hosting a photographer at your business.

It is important to find a photographer with good people skills. After all, that photographer is not only representing their own business, but yours as well. A photographer who is polite and prompt with a fast turnaround time will make a good impression on your clients. If you open the event to the public at large, the photographer will help draw more business to your venue by making a positive lasting impression on all who attend. This should be a positive experience for you, your clients, and the photographer.

It is also important to have a photographer who is comfortable around animals. For many animals the groomers and vet office are stressful places. When you add new people and unfamiliar equipment that has picked up numerous other scents, all of these stimuli can easily overwhelm the animals. Having a photographer who is uncomfortable around animals will only add to the animals stress level. Suggest to your clients to bring the animals favorite toy, blanket, foot stool, or other object from around the house to use as a prop in the photos. Familiar items can go a long way to helping the animal feel more secure.

Be excited about the up coming shoot. Put the promotional material up where your clients can see it, announce it frequently, put it in the newsletter, send out email announcements, promote the Facebook event. If the photographer does not make a Facebook event make one yourself. If you are excited about the up-coming shoot, your clients will be too.

Pet Photography
Pet Photography
Try to keep the clients grouped together. Nothing can make a shoot drag on like only having 1-2 clients an hour. A good photographer will have great time management skills and will easily be able to help 6-8 clients an hour get great photos of their beloved pets. It is also important to have one or two staff members available during the shoot to help with the animals. As I mentioned above it will already be a stressful situation for the animals. Familiar people that know the animals and their personalities will go a long way to helping the animals be more comfortable.

A pet photo shoot can give your business exposure to new clients, create a lasting impression with current clients, and leave you with many wonderful photos to showcase the work you do. If you keep these few simple things in mind, hosting a pet photo shoot at your location can go a long way towards helping your business grow. 

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